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WWE SummerSlam LIVE RESULTS: Brock Lesnar facing Roman Reigns in main event tonight – stream, TV channel, match card

WWE SummerSlam LIVE RESULTS: Brock Lesnar facing Roman Reigns in main event tonight – stream, TV channel, match card

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WWE’S biggest party of the summer is here as SummerSlam takes place tonight.

Brock Lesnar faces Roman Reigns in the main event for the Head of the Table’s undisputed WWE championship.

While Ronda Rousey is aiming for revenge when she faces Liv Morgan to try and win back her WWE SmackDown title.

Follow ALL of the latest updates from Nashville right here.

  • Start time: 8pm ET
  • TV/ live stream: Peacock
  • Happy Corbin vs Pat McAffee

    And it’s now time for Pat McAffee to return to the ring to take on Happy Corbin!

    Two former flatmates from their NFL days square off!

  • The Mysterios def. Judgment Day

    The Mysterios take advantage of the chaos and hit Balor with a 619 for the victory!

    Edge seems to have teamed up with Rey and Dominik Mysterio

  • Judgment Day vs The Mysterios

    Edge is back!!!!

    Judgment Day hit the Mysterios with South of Heaven.

    But Edge returns with an epic entrance that sees him walk through pyro like in his old days with The Brood.

    The Hall of Famer takes down Balor at ringside and Priest with two Spears in the ring

  • Judgment Day vs The Mysterios

    The Mysterios set both Balor and Priest up for a Double 619.

    However, Ripley sweeps their legs as they make it to the ropes

  • Judgment Day vs The Mysterios

    Rey sets Priest up for 619 but Balor tags and takes his opponent down with a thunderous Clothesline.

    The Irishman calls for Coup de Grasse but Dominik holds him and Rey takes him down with a Hurracanrana

  • Judgment Day vs The Mysterios

    Rey Mysterio gets the hot tag and takes out both his opponents.

    He steals a chair off of Balor’s hands and attacks Priest with it

  • Judgment Day vs The Mysterios

    Dominik finally finds some space as he hits a Neckbreaker on Balor!

    He has to get to his father’s corner for a tag even though this is No Disqualification!

  • Judgment Day vs The Mysterios

    Nice teamwork from judgment Day.

    Priest flattens Dominik and Balor stomps him from the top rope.

    The Irishman then taunts Eddie Guerrero, why…?

  • Judgment Day vs The Mysterios

    Priest and Balor are dominating Dominik.

    Ripley is taunting from ringside

  • Judgment Day vs The Mysterios

    The match is No Disqualification but the two teams have a participant in the corner waiting for a tag…

    How does that make sense? What will happen if one of them doesn’t obey the referee and gets away from his corner?

    Get disqualified…?

  • Judgment Day vs The Mysterios

    The Mysterios take their opponents out at ringside and attack them with high-flying moves.

    Rey then pays tribute to the great Eddie Guerrero and the fans chant his name, I love it when this happens

  • Judgment Day vs The Mysterios

    The Mysterios immediately attack Judgment Day but the heel faction gain control.

    Balor, Ripley and Priest tried to recruit Dominik and that angered Rey, and it shows

  • Judgment Day vs The Mysterios

    And we’re moving on with Finn Balor and Damian Priest against Rey Mysterio and his son Dominik Mysterio.

    Rhea Ripley follows Judgment Day to the ring for the No Disqualification Match, which will definitely see her getting involved.

    And reminding you that Edge may return to exact revenge from Balor, Ripley and Priest, who ejected him from the group he founded

  • US Champion Bobby Lashley def. Theory

    Lashley picks up the win as he locks the Hurt Locker on Theory!

    We can definitely expect Mr Money in the Bank to cash in at the main event.

    He didn’t get much punishment whereas Roman Reigns and Brock Lesnar will be exhausted.

    Theory insisted he will take advantage of the opportunity

    Credit: WWE
  • US Championship Match

    Lashley delivers a thunderous Dominator and sets Theory up for the Spear.

    But the US Champion crashed in the ring post

  • US Championship Match

    Theory takes Lashley down with a stunning Dropkick.

    But Lashley fights back with an inverted DDT

  • US Championship Match

    Theory tries to walk away to save his energy for the main event where he wants to cash in at the Last Man Standing Match.

    But Lashley drags him back to the ring

  • US Championship Match

    Lashley regroups and delivers a thunderous Flapjack!

    Theory cowers at ringside after being flattened

  • US Championship Match

    Lashley tells the referee he can fight and the bell rings.

    Theory is dominating

  • US Championship Match

    Theory looks for an early advantage as he attacks the much bigger Lashley with the Money in the Bank briefcase.

    He now calls for the bell to ring so he can take advantage of his early assault

  • US Championship Match

    And we move things on with the US Championship Match, between US Champion Bobby Lashley and Theory.

    Theory makes his way to the ring, Lashley following up

  • SummerSlam

    Oh, and I’m two out of two on match predictions!

    What a start at SummerSlam!!!

  • SummerSlam

    What a start at SummerSlam to mark the post-Vince McMahon era!

    Bayley is back with a new stable consisted of Io Shirai and Dakota Kai!

    Becky Lynch turns face!

    AJ Styles potentially teaming up with Logan Paul!

    And Triple H , who is the new Head of Creative, claims this is nothing compared to what’s coming!

  • Logan Paul def. The Miz

    Paul celebrates his victory and looks at the camera saying: « That’s how a champ does it. »

    The commentators wondering if AJ Styles trained Paul before the match as he came out to his aid and took out Ciampa

  • Logan Paul def. The Miz

    The Miz tries to attack Paul with a polaroid but the YouTuber ducks and the ex-WWE Champion almost hits Maryse, who was still on the apron.

    The boxer follows it up with a Scull Crushing Finale to pick up the win!

    Credit: WWE

    Credit: WWE

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